The Gerstner Sloan Kettering faculty brings together outstanding scientists working at the forefront of biomedical research. Browse our Research and Faculty and learn more about each faculty member’s area of investigation.

Faculty members who do not serve as dissertation mentors but who make contributions to the education of our students by teaching or serving as clinical mentors are appointed as Gerstner Sloan Kettering Special Contributing Faculty.


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Omar I. Abdel-Wahab, MD

Assistant Professor
MD, Duke University School of Medicine

Physician-scientist Omar Abdel-Wahab studies the functional genomics of hematopoietic malignancies.

David Allis, MD

PhD, Indiana University

Pictured: David Allis

Molecular biologist C. David Allis investigates the histone code and its impact on gene regulation and chromosome dynamics.

Kathryn V. Anderson, PhD

PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

Kathryn Adnerson

Developmental Biology Program Chair Kathryn Anderson studies genetic pathways that direct embryonic patterning and morphogenesis in the mouse embryo.

Daniel Bachovchin, PhD

Assistant Professor
PhD, The Scripps Research Institute

Daniel Bachovchin

Chemical biologist Daniel Bachovchin designs selective inhibitors to study enzymes and pathways in cancer and immune system signaling.

Zhirong Bao, PhD

Associate Professor
PhD, Washington University

Developmental biologist Zhirong Bao investigates how the genome dictates development using C. elegans as a model.

José Baselga, MD, PhD

MD, PhD, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain)

Memorial Sloan Kettering Physician-in-Chief José Baselga studies mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapies and identification of novel therapeutic combinations in solid cancers.

Mary Baylies, PhD

PhD, The Rockefeller University

Pictured Mary Baylies

Developmental biologist Mary Baylies studies the mechanisms that form and maintain muscle both during normal development and in disease.

Robert Benezra, PhD

PhD, Columbia University

Pictured: Robert Benezra

Cancer biologist Robert Benezra studies the molecular mechanisms of tumor growth and progression using mouse Id1 and Id3 knockout models and analysis of the spindle assembly checkpoint.

Michael F. Berger, PhD

Assistant Professor
PhD, Harvard University

Michael Berger, Associate Director, Marie-Josée & Henry R. Kravis Center for Molecular Oncology

Researcher Michael Berger focuses on massively parallel sequencing of tumor DNA for biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostics.

Ronald G. Blasberg, MD

MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Pictured: Ronald Blasberg

Physician-scientist Ronald Blasberg focuses on the development of noninvasive imaging paradigms in living organisms using radionuclide and optical reporter systems.