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The Zhirong Bao Lab: Publications

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Shah, P.K., Santella, A., Jacobo, A., Siletti, K., Hudspeth, A.J. & Bao, Z. (2017). An in toto approach to dissecting cellular interactions in complex tissues. Dev Cell, 43, 530-540

Shah, P.K., Tanner, M.R., Kovacevic, I., Rankin, A., Marshall, T.E., Noblett, N., Tran, N.N., Roenspies, T., Hung, J., Chen, Z., Slatculescu, C., Perkins, T.J., Bao, Z.* & Colavita, A.* (2017). PCP and SAX-3/Robo pathways cooperate to regulate convergent extension-based nerve cord assembly in C. elegans, Dev Cell, 41, 195-203

Du, Z., Santella, A., He, F., Shah, P.K., Kamikawa, Y. & Bao, Z. (2015). The regulatory landscape of lineage differentiation in a metazoan embryo, Dev Cell, 34, 592-607

Santella, A., Du, Z. & Bao Z. (2014). A semi-local neighborhood-based framework for probabilistic cell lineage tracing, BMC Bioinformatics, 15, 217

Du, Z., Santella, A., He, F., Tiongson, M. & Bao, Z. (2014). De novo inference of systems-level mechanistic models of development from live imaging-based phenotype analysis, Cell, 156, 359-72