The Robert Benezra Lab

Robert Benezra Lab Group

My research program focuses on two areas of cell biology: the molecular mechanisms of mammalian cell differentiation and mitotic checkpoint control. Though seemingly unrelated, both areas as described below continue to provide fertile ground for the analysis of molecular mechanisms and have direct application to cancer biology. In the most general terms, we are exploring the role of the Id proteins in controlling the growth and differentiation of tumor cells and the vasculature that supports their growth and metastatic progression. In addition, we are examining the role of the mitotic checkpoint gene Mad2 in maintaining genome stability by ensuring proper chromosome segregation during mitosis.

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Pictured: Dr. Robert Benezra

Robert Benezra, PhD

Deputy Director for Core Technologies; Laura and Christopher Pucillo Chair in Metastasis Research


Research Focus

Cancer biologist Robert Benezra studies the molecular mechanisms of tumor growth and metastatic progression using mouse models. In addition, he studies the spindle assembly checkpoint which ensures proper chromosome segregation and is often deregulated in cancer.


PhD, Columbia University

Lab Members

  • Benezra, R., Davis, R.L., Lockshon, D., Turner, D.L. & Weintraub, H. (1990). The protein Id: a negative regulator of helix-loop-helix DNA binding proteins. Cell 61(1):49-59.
  • Jen, Y., Weintraub, H. & Benezra, R. (1992). Overexpression of Id protein inhibits the muscle differentiation program: in vivo association of Id with E2A proteins. Genes Dev 6(8):1466-79.
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