Campus Security Rules and Regulations

Campus Security Rules and Regulations


In case of emergency, individuals may contact the MSK Security Department, or the New York Police Department at 911.

MSK Security Department
Bobst Basement RM C-G43 (open 24/7)
Primary: (212) 639-7866
Secondary: (212) 639-7867
Email:  [email protected]
Security Webpage
(Link accessible via OneMSK while on the MSK Network)


The MSK Security Department is dedicated to prioritizing the well-being and safety of all MSK patients, employees, and visitors, and seeks to prevent any action or situation which recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health of a member of the community. Additional information, including guidance for reporting complaints, relevant MSK security policies, and crime prevention tips, may be found on the Security Webpage. In addition, MSK has established the Office of Threat Management to further address and resolve any incidences of incivility occurring on MSK premises. For information on reporting an incident of incivility, please contact the Threat Management Department ([email protected]; 646-888-8555) or visit the Threat Management Webpage.

General Provisions Pertaining to Crimes of Hazing

The MSK Security Department will investigate any violations pertaining to and surrounding reports of conduct that support any reckless or intentional situation that endangers the mental health, physical health or forced consumption of liquor or controlled substance for the purpose of initiation into or affiliation with any organization. The Security Department will assist in the prosecution of any crimes consistent with the crime of Hazing or related crimes as described in the Penal Law under section 120-16.

Campus Security Advisory Committee

The Campus Security Advisory Committee is comprised of a broad representation of constituents that have a stake in promoting the health and safety of the GSK community, including representatives from GSK leadership, MSK Compliance, MSK Security, GSK faculty, and current GSK students. The Committee will meet as required under applicable law to review current campus security policies and procedures and solicit recommendations for potential improvement from all stakeholders. The Committee shall report, in writing, to the college president on its findings and recommendations at least once each academic year, and such report shall be available upon request.

Security Orientation

Upon arrival on campus, GSK students will receive an orientation by the Security Department that will include:

  • An overview of applicable security-related policies and procedures;
  • Information on bias related and hate crime prevention measures;
  • How to report an incident or concern;
  • Fire safety and other personal safety tips;
  • The importance of securing personal property and wearing identification badges while on campus; and
  • The availability of on-campus and off-campus student resources dedicated to student mental health, safety, and wellness.

In addition, members of the GSK community are required to take Required Regulatory Training courses, including Workplace Conduct and Safety & Emergency Preparedness, on an annual basis. Additional training and education on security-related topics is available via the MyLearning portal in Workday, including Active Shooter Training and Threat Management Course.

Crime Statistics

The Campus Security Advisory Committee or the Security Department (212-639-7866) will provide all campus crime statistics upon request. Information may also be obtained via the U.S. Department of Education’s website for campus crime statistics.

Violent Felony Offenses and Related Crimes Investigation

Violent offenses, and related crimes, including a report of any missing student, must be immediately reported to the MSK Security Department. The Security Department will make an initial assessment and conduct an investigation to determine the need for further notification to local law enforcement agencies, and where appropriate, make such notification as soon as practicable.

Bias-Related and Hate Crimes Information

GSK is committed to a diverse, safe, and inclusive learning environment. Bias-related incidents, including hate crimes, as defined by New York Penal Law 485, should be immediately reported to the MSK Security Department for further investigation and appropriate handling in accordance with institutional procedures. Counseling and other resources are available to assist members of the community who have experienced or are experiencing bias-related or hate crime incidents.

MSK Security Officers License and Authority

All MSK Security Officers are licensed by the State of New York and have received 16 hours of classroom instruction and 120 hours of field training with a superior officer. All Security Officers also receive an additional eight hours of in-service training annually, in addition to roll-call training daily on matters of importance that directly impact the safety of the institution. The campus is patrolled during non-business hours. Security officers will respond to and investigate all crimes and serious incidents.

Violation of Campus Security Rules and Regulations

Violations of such rules may result in ejection of a violator from campus, or other appropriate disciplinary action, in addition to any penalty pursuant to the penal law or any other law to which a violator may be subject.