Eric C. Lai: Publications

Eric C. Lai: Publications


Zhang B, Duan H, Kavaler J, Wei L, Eberl DF and Lai EC (2023). A nonneural miRNA cluster mediates hearing via repression of two neural targets. Genes & development 37, Cover Article.

Lee S, Jee D, Srivastava S, Yang A, Ramidi A, Shang R, Bortolamiol-Becet D, Pfeffer S, Gu S, Wen J and Lai EC (2023). Promiscuous splicing-derived hairpins are dominant substrates of tailing-mediated defense of miRNA biogenesis in mammals. Cell Reports 42.

Shang R, Lee S, Senavirathne G and Lai EC (2023). microRNAs in action: biogenesis, function and regulation. Nature Reviews Genetics 24.

Vedanayagam J, Herbette M, Mudgett H, Lin CJ, Lai CM, McDonough-Goldstein C, Dorus S, Loppin B, Meiklejohn C, Dubruille R and Lai EC (2023). Essential and recurrent roles for hairpin RNAs in silencing de novo sex chromosome conflict in Drosophila simulans. PLoS Biology 21(6).

Zheng L, Liu J, Niu L, Kamran M, Yang A, Jolma A, Dai Q, Hughes TR, Patel DJ, Zhang L, Prasanth SG, Yu Y, Ren A and Lai EC (2022). Distinct structural bases for sequence-specific DNA binding by mammalian BEN domain proteins.Genes & Development 36.

All other publications:

Khanal S, de Cruz M, Strickland B, Mansfield K, Lai EC and Flynt A (2023). A tailed mirtron promotes longevity in Drosophila. Nucleic Acids Research.

Signor S, Vedanayagam J, Kim BY, Wierzbicki F, Kofler R and Lai EC (2023). Rapid evolutionary diversification of the flamenco locus across simulans clade Drosophila species. PLoS Genetics 19(8).

Vromman M, Anckaert J, Bortoluzzi S, Buratin A, Chen CY, Chu Q, Chuang TJ, Dehghannasiri R, Dieterich C, Dong X, Flicek P, Gaffo E, Gu W, He C, Hoffmann S, Izuogu O, Jackson MS, Jakobi T, Lai EC, Nuytens J, Salzman J, Santibanez-Koref M, Stadler P, Thas O, Vanden Eynde E, Verniers K, Wen G, Westholm J, Yang L, Ye CY, Yigit N, Yuan GH, Zhang J, Zhao F, Vandesompele J and Volders PJ (2023). Large-scale benchmarking of circRNA detection tools reveals large differences in sensitivity but not in precision. Nature Methods 20.

Vedanayagam J, Lin CJ, Papareddy R, Nodine M, Flynt AS, Wen J and Lai EC (2023). Regulatory logic of endogenous RNAi in silencing de novo genomic conflicts. PLoS Genetics 19(6).

Pan A, Zeng Y, Liu J, Zhou M, Lai EC and Yu Y (2023). Unanticipated broad phylogeny of BEN DNA-binding domains revealed by structural homology searchesCurrent Biology 33(11).

Lu TC, Brbić M, Park YJ, Jackson T, Chen J, Kolluru SS, Qi Y, Katheder NS, Cai XT, Lee S, Chen YC, Auld N, Liang CY, Ding SH, Welsch D, D’Souza S, Pisco AO, Jones RC, Leskovec J, Lai EC, Bellen HJ, Luo L, Jasper H, Quake SR and Li H (2023). Aging Fly Cell Atlas identifies exhaustive aging features at cellular resolution. Science 380(6650).

Shang R, Kretov DA, Adamson SI, Treiber T, Treiber N, Vedanayagam J, Chuang JH, Meister G, Cifuentes D and Lai EC (2022). Regulated dicing of pre-mir-144 via reshaping of its terminal loop. Nucleic Acids Research 50.

Samani A, Hightower RM, Reid AL, English KG, Lopez MA, Doyle JS, Conklin MJ, Schneider DA, Bamman MM, Widrick JJ, Crossman DK, Xie M, Jee D, Lai EC and Alexander MS (2022). miR-486 is essential for muscle function and suppresses a dystrophic transcriptomeLife Science Alliance 5.

Lee S, Chen YC, FCA Consortium, Gillen A, Taliaferro JM, Deplancke B, Li H and Lai EC (2022). Diverse cell-specific patterns of alternative polyadenylation in Drosophila. Nature Communications.

Joseph B, Scala C, Kondo S and Lai EC (2022). Molecular and genetic dissection of recursive splicingLife Science Alliance 5.

Lee S, Wei L, Zhang B, Goering R, Majumdar S, Wen J, Taliaferro JM and Lai EC (2021). ELAV/Hu RNA binding proteins determine multiple programs of neural alternative splicing. PLoS Genetics 17.

Vedanayagam J, Lin CJ and Lai EC (2021). Rapid evolutionary dynamics of an expanding family of meiotic drive factors and their hpRNA suppressors. Nature Ecology and Evolution 5.

Kan L, Ott S, Joseph B, Park ES, Dai W, Kleiner RE, Claridge-Chang A and Lai EC (2021). A neural m(6)A/Ythdf pathway is required for learning and memory in Drosophila. Nature Communications 12.

Garaulet DL, Moro A and Lai EC (2021). A double-negative gene regulatory circuit underlies the virgin behavioral state. Cell Reports 36.

Joseph B and Lai EC (2021). The Exon Junction Complex and intron removal prevents re-splicing of mRNA. PLoS Genetics 17(5).

Bejarano F and Lai EC (2021). A comprehensive dataset of microRNA misexpression phenotypes in the Drosophila eye. Data in Brief 36.

Bejarano F, Chang C, Sun K, Hagen JW, Deng WM, and Lai EC (2021). A comprehensive in vivo screen for anti-apoptotic miRNAs indicates broad capacities for oncogenic synergy. Developmental Biology 475