The Philipp Niethammer Lab

Pictured: The Niethammer Lab

The lab focuses on Pre-Regenerative Biology, which comprises the mechanisms by which tissues detect wounds to initiate healing, inflammation, regeneration, and cancer. We address these mechanisms by quantitative imaging in various model systems including live zebrafish.

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Pictured: Philipp Niethammer

Philipp Niethammer, PhD

Associate Professor

Research Focus

Cell biologist Philipp Niethammer investigates tissue damage responses with advanced imaging approaches in zebrafish.


PhD, European Molecular Biology Laboratories & Hamburg University, Germany

Lab Members

Selected Achievements
  • Dorsett L. Spurgeon Distinguished Research Award (2009)
  • Louis Gerstner Young Investigator (2012)
  • American Asthma Foundation Scholar (2014)
  • Louise and Allston Boyer Young Investigator Award (2018)