Joseph N. Pucella, PhD

Graduate Student

Joseph N. Pucella, PhD

Graduate Student

Joseph N. Pucella

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The Elusive Role of MIR-182 and Clustered Paralogs in Adaptive Immunity

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Cornell University


Olayan Fellowship (2011-2012)


Yen WF, Sharma R, Cols M, Lau CM, Chaudhry A, Chowdhury P, Yewdell WT, Vaidyanathan B, Sun A, Coffre M, Pucella JN, Chen CC, Jasin M, Sun JC, Rudensky AY, Koralov SB, Chaudhuri J. (2019) Distinct Requirements of CHD4 during B Cell Development and Antibody Response. Cell Rep. 27, 1472-1486.

Pucella JN, Cols M, Yen WF, Xu S, Chaudhuri J. (2019) The B Cell Activation-Induced miR-183 Cluster Plays a Minimal Role in Canonical Primary Humoral Responses. J Immunol. pii: ji1800071.

Pucella JN, Chaudhuri J. (2017) AID Invited to the G4 Summit. Mol Cell67, 355-357.

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Pucella JN, Yen WF, Kim MV, van der Veeken J, Socci ND, Naito Y, Li MO, Iwai N, Chaudhuri J. (2015)  miR-182 Is Largely Dispensable for Adaptive Immunity: Lack of Correlation between Expression and Function. J Immunol., 195, 1903.

Vaidyanathan B., Yen, W., Pucella, J.,and Chaudhuri, J. (2014)  AIDing Chromatin and  Transcription-Coupled Orchestration of Immunoglobulin Class-Switch Recombination.  Front Immunol5, 1-13. PMID: 24734031; PMCID: PMC3975107.

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