Danilo G. Macalinao, PhD

Student, St. Joseph's Seminary, Washington, DC

Danilo G. Macalinao, PhD

Student, St. Joseph's Seminary, Washington, DC
Danilo Macalinao

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Wesleyan University

When I was about 6, my great-grandmother, who was a public-school science administrator, showed me a bird’s feather under a microscope. Seeing it up close was pretty spectacular and moving for me. Since then, I’ve been curious about understanding the many forces and phenomena around us that can’t readily be seen. The small community feel of the Gerstner Sloan Kettering program was a major factor in my decision to enter the program. The relatively small size of the student body facilitates developing more meaningful relationships with your peers. GSK students try to cultivate an environment where everyone looks out for each other.


Grayer Fellowship (2013-2014)

Robert B. Catell Fellowship (2012-2013)


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Boire A, Zou Y, Shieh J, Macalinao DG, Pentsova E, Massagué J. (2017) Complement Component 3 Adapts the Cerebrospinal Fluid for Leptomeningeal Metastasis. Cell 168, 1101-1113.

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Reinholdt LG, Howell GR, Czechanski AM, Macalinao DG, Macnicoll KH, Lin CS, Donahue LR, John SW. (2012). Generating Embryonic Stem Cells from the Inbred Mouse Strain DBA/2J, a Model of Glaucoma and Other Complex Diseases. PLoS One. 7, e50081. PMCID: PMC3507949.

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