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The Andrew Koff Lab: Projects


Subsets of oligodendroglioma exist, each with distinct clinical responses that are dictated by the underlying biochemical and molecular profile of the tumor. Currently, the effectiveness of treatment strategies for glioma is poor and new therapeutic targets might be obtained through a better understanding of the nature of this disease.


Liposarcoma is being study as an interesting new venue in which to ask if there are novel roles for CDK4 and what the role of cytoplasmic p27 is in disease.

Function of p21 During Oligodendrocyte Differntiation

Now with better isolation, manipulation and culture systems we think this fascinating area can be studied experimentally to address with whom these CDK inhibitors interact, how these interactions affect the transcriptional program of differentiation or fate determination, and ultimately, how CDK inhibitors act to prevent CDK activity and whether CDK activity interferes with transcription.