The Andrew Koff Lab

Andrew Koff Lab Group

My laboratory has combined biochemical, molecular, cellular, and genetic approaches to investigate the roles of CDK inhibitors in differentiation, development, and cancer biology. An additional major focus of the laboratory is directed towards understanding how these gene products are regulated to accomplish these roles.

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Pictured: Dr. Andrew Koff

Andrew Koff, PhD


Research Focus

Molecular biologist Andrew Koff is interested in identifying the genes and and molecular mechanisms by which cells make decisions regarding their proliferative capacity after they exit from the cell cycle during therapy induced senescence and during normal development.


PhD, State University NY at Stony Brook

Lab Members

  • Kovatcheva M, Liu DD, Dickson MA, Klein ME, O’Connor R, Wilder FO, Socci ND, Tap WD, Schwartz GK, Singer S, Crago AM, and Koff A. MDM2 turnover and expression of ATRX determine the choice between quiescence and senescence in response to CDK4 inhibition. Oncotarget 10: 8226-43, 2015
  • Abbas Manji G, Singer S, Koff A, and Schwartz GK. Application of molecular biology to individualize therapy for patients with liposarcoma. Am Soc Clin Oncol Educ Book. 2015:213-8
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