The Yueming Li Lab

The Yueming Li Lab

Research Interests
Basic & Translational research in Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease:

From disease mechanism to therapeutic development.

Research Areas
Target Identification & Drug Discovery

Chemical Biology & Medicinal Chemistry

Biochemistry & Enzymology

Biophysics & Structural Biology

Animal models & Behavior

Neurobiology & Neuroinflammation

Autophagy, Protein Aggregation & Clearance


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The Yueming Li Lab

Yueming Li, PhD


Research Focus

Dr. Yueming Li studies disease mechanism of Cancer and Alzheimer’s, with the goal of developing novel therapeutics for clinical use.


PhD, University of California Berkeley


  • Gertsik, N., Am Ende, C.W., Geoghegan, K.F., Nguyen, C., Mukherjee, P., Mente, S., Seneviratne, U., Johnson, D.S. & Li, Y.M. Mapping the Binding Site of BMS-708163 on gamma-Secretase with Cleavable Photoprobes. Cell chemical biology 24, 3-8 (2017).
  • Frost, G.R. & Li, Y.M. The role of astrocytes in amyloid production and Alzheimer’s disease. Open Biol 7 (2017).
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