Shefali Krishna, PhD

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Shefali Krishna


Regulation of Lysosome Trafficking and Nutrient Homeostasis (2017)

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National University of Singapore

During my undergraduate studies, I was working on understanding how tumor cells evade cell death, and I became really interested in the cell biology of tumor cells. I knew I wanted to pursue a scientific career, and a PhD was the next step. Pursuing science is often like solving puzzles — and you never run out of things to discover! Gerstner Sloan Kettering has a great combination of strong labs working in basic sciences, as well as clinical research, which helps in bringing the research from the bench to the bedside. Since I am interested in understanding tumor biology at the cellular level, I really liked the cancer and basic biology emphasis in the GSK PhD program. I focus on cell biology in general and its dysregulation in human diseases. In particular, I want to study the dynamics of cellular organelles, like lysosomes, and the roles they play in regulating cellular processes.


Robert B. Catell Fellowship (2011-2012)