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Bhattacharyya S., Oon C., Diaz L., Sandborg H., Stempinski E.S., Saoi M., Morgan T.K., López C.S., Cross J.R., Sherman M.H. Autotaxin-lysolipid signaling suppresses a CCL11-eosinophil axis to promote pancreatic cancer progression. Nature Cancer, Jan 2024 doi: 10.1038/s43018-023-00703-y.

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  • Highlighted in In the Spotlight, Cancer Discovery, October 2022
  • Commentary by Nwosu Z.C. and Pasca di Magliano M., GOT2: An unexpected mediator of immunosuppression in pancreatic cancer, Cancer Discovery, October 2022
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  • Highlighted in In the Spotlight, Cancer Discovery, February 2022
  • Commentary by Cukierman E., The Few yet Fabp4ulous Pancreatic Stellate Cells Give Rise to Protumoral CAFs, Cancer Discovery, February 2022

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  • Highlighted in In the Spotlight, Cancer Discovery, May 2019
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