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The Luis Parada Lab: Lab Members

Sheila  Alcantara

Sheila Alcantara

Research Associate

Samhita BapaT, Research Technician

Samhita Bapat

Research Technician

Yu-Jung Chen, Graduate Student

Yu-Jung Chen

Graduate Student

Keisha  Diaz

Keisha Diaz

Administrative Assistant

Swathi Iyer, Research Scholar

Swathi Iyer

Research Scholar

Chenura D. Jayewickreme

Chenura D. Jayewickreme

Weill Cornell Graduate Student

Dan Laks

Dan Laks

Research Scholar

Jing  Li

Jing Li

Research Technician Sr.

Yuliang (Leo) Liu, Research Technician, Sr.

Yuliang (Leo) Liu

Research Technician, Sr.

Alicia  Maria  Pedraza

Alicia Maria Pedraza

Research Assistant, Sr.

Sameer Farouk Sait, Hematology-oncology Fellows at MSKCC/Cornell

Sameer Farouk Sait

Hematology-oncology Fellows at MSKCC/Cornell

Yufeng  Shi

Yufeng Shi

Research Associate

Daochun  Sun

Daochun Sun

Research Fellow

Elsa Vera, Research Associate

Elsa Vera

Research Associate

Jemma Villavieja, Research Assistant

Jemma Villavieja

Research Assistant

Zilai  Wang

Zilai Wang

Research Associate

Xuanhua  Xie

Xuanhua Xie

Research Scholar