The Kayvan Keshari Lab

The Kayvan Keshari Lab

The goal of our research program is to improve our biochemical understanding of cancer metabolism and use metabolic changes to develop imaging agents for diagnosis and treatment. Our work is focused on novel approaches including hyperpolarized magnetic resonance (MR) that allows us to create non-invasive MR contrast agents with dramatically increased signal intensity. We develop these agents and approaches in the preclinical setting for rapid translation to the clinic, allowing us to observe metabolism as it happens.

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Pictured: Kayvan R. Keshari

Kayvan R. Keshari, PhD

Associate Professor

Research Focus

Biochemist and imaging specialist Kayvan Keshari explores changes in cancer metabolism to develop advanced imaging techniques and cancer targets.


  • BA, University of California, Berkeley
  • PhD, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Selected Achievements
  • NIH Pathway Independent Award 2012