The Iestyn Whitehouse Lab

The Iestyn Whitehouse Lab

The goals of our research are to understand how chromatin states are established and maintained and to understand how chromatin regulates transcription. We use a combination of biochemical, molecular biological, and genomics approaches.

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Pictured: Iestyn Whitehouse

Iestyn Whitehouse, PhD

Associate Professor

Research Focus

Molecular biologist Iestyn Whitehouse investigates chromatin structure and the function of ATP-dependent chromatin remodelling enzymes.


PhD, The University of Dundee


  • High-resolution mapping of DNA replication dynamics in S. cerevisiae. McGuffee S, Smith D, Whitehouse I. Manuscript in preparation.
  • Intrinsic Coupling of Lagging Strand Synthesis to Chromatin Assembly. Smith D, Whitehouse I. Nature, 2012. In press.
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