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Chrysothemis Brown
Chrysothemis Brown, MBBS, PhD

Assistant Professor

At the Brown Lab, we’re studying how signals from the tissue environment shape the fate and function of immune cells and the mechanisms by which the immune system reciprocally regulates tissue homeostasis and host immunity. At the heart of an immune response are dendritic cells, sentinels of the immune system that are uniquely poised to regulate the balance between inflammatory immune responses and immune tolerance. We have identified novel dendritic cells and our work aims to decode the environmental cues that shape dendritic cell heterogeneity and elucidate their distinct functions in immunity, tissue homeostasis, and human disease. In the study of dendritic cells and their cross talk with immune, stromal cells and the microbiome, the scope of our research extends across three distinct yet complementary areas: 

i) early life immune development

ii) mechanisms by which antigen-presenting cells control tolerance to self, dietary and microbiota-derived antigens

iii) dendritic cells in tissue and tumor immunity 

Research Projects

The Chrysothemis Brown Lab Group


Akagbosu B†, Tayyebi Z, Shibu G, Paucar Iza Y, Deep D, Parisotto Y, Fisher L, Pasolli HA, Thevin V, Elmentaite R, Knott M, Hemmers S, Jahn L, Friedrich C, Verter J, Wang Z-M, van den Brink M, Gasteiger G, Grünewald TGP, Marie JC, Leslie C, Rudensky AY*, Brown C*. (2022). Novel antigen-presenting cell imparts Treg dependent tolerance to the gut microbiota. Nature 610:752-760.

Brown C, Rudensky A. (2021). Conceiving the inconceivable: the function of Aire in immune tolerance to peripheral tissue-restricted antigens in the thymus. J Immunol 206:245-247

Brown C*, Gudjonson H,*Pritykin Y, Deep D, Lavalle V, Mendoza A, Fromme R, Mazutis L, Ariyan C, Leslie C, Pe’er D, Rudensky, A. (2019). Transcriptional basis of dendritic cell heterogeneity in mouse and humans. Cell 179:846-863 *co-author co-corresponding author

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Chrysothemis Brown

Chrysothemis Brown, MBBS, PhD

Assistant Professor

  • The Brown Lab studies how the tissue environment shapes immune cell fate and function during early life immune development, inflammation, and cancer.
  • MA, University of Oxford
  • MBBS, Royal Free and University College London
  • PhD, King’s College London


Blossom Akagbosu
Blossom Akagbosu

Research Technician

Vanessa Brito
Vanessa Brito

Administrative Assistant

Vanja Cabric

Pediatric Hematology Oncology Fellow

Logan Fisher
Logan Fisher

Grad Student

Yollanda Franco Parisotto
Yollanda Franco Parisotto

Senior Research Technician/Lab Manager

Yoselin Paucar Iza
Yoselin Paucar Iza

Graduate Student

Gayathri Shibu
Gayathri Shibu

Graduate Student

Lab Affiliations


  • Josie Robertson Investigator (2020-2025)
  • Parker Senior Fellow, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy (2021)
  • Wellcome Trust Post-doctoral Research Fellowship (2016)
  • Elsevier Outstanding Thesis Award (2015)
  • International Pediatric Transplantation Association Fellow (2014)
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  • Wellcome Trust PhD Research Fellowship (2011)

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Roles of Runx transcription factors during immune system development

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