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Alban Ordureau
Alban Ordureau, PhD

Assistant Professor

My group focuses on understanding cell signaling pathways primarily linked with the ubiquitin and autophagy systems and frequently altered in diseases, including neurodegenerative disease. To this end, we combine cell biological, genome engineering (CRISPR), and biochemical approaches to provide new insights into mechanisms regulating various aspects of cellular homeostasis. Central to our research efforts, we employ and develop multiple quantitative proteomics workflows to examine how flux in signaling systems (e.g., phosphorylation, ubiquitylation, protein translation, degradation, and trafficking) is altered in response to perturbations or disease mutations.


Ordureau, A., Paulo, J.A., Zhang, J., An, H., Swatek, K.N., Cannon, J.R., Wan, Q., Komander, D. & Harper, J.W. (2020) Global landscape and dynamics of Parkin and USP30-dependent ubiquitylomes in iNeurons during mitophagic signaling. Molecular Cell 77(5):1124-1142.e10.

An, H.*, Ordureau, A.*, Korner, M., Paulo, J.A. & Harper, J.W. (2020) Systematic quantitative analysis of ribosome inventory during nutrient stress. Nature 583(7815):303-309. (* equal contribution)

Ordureau, A., Sarraf, S.A., Duda, D.M., Heo, J.M., Jedrychowski, M.P., Sviderskiy, V.O., Olszewski, J.L., Koerber, J.T., Xie, T., Beausoleil, S.A., Wells, J.A., Gygi, S.P., Schulman, B.A. & Harper, J.W. (2014) Quantitative proteomics reveal a feedforward mechanism for mitochondrial Parkin translocation and ubiquitin chain synthesis. Molecular Cell 56, 360-75.

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Alban Ordureau

Alban Ordureau, PhD

Assistant Professor

  • Alban Ordureau explores molecular signaling pathways that regulate cellular homeostasis, with a focus on the ubiquitin and autophagy systems.
  • PhD, MRC-PPU - University of Dundee, Scotland, UK
  • Post-doctoral training - Harvard Medical School, Boston
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  • Edward R. and Anne G. Lefler Center Fellow

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