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Roberta Zappasodi, Taha Merghoub, and Jedd Wolchok. Photo credit: Flynn Larsen for Ludwig Cancer Research
To Improve Immunotherapy, Researchers Look to Shift Immune Cells’ Access to Sugar
More sugar available for immune cells could mean better immune responses against cancer.
Scientists Jan Remsik, Adrienne Boire, and Jessica Wilcox in the lab
MSK Researchers Learn What’s Driving ‘Brain Fog’ in People with COVID-19
The presence of inflammatory molecules in the cerebrospinal fluid appears to be causing many of the neurologic effects seen in people with COVID-19.
Hans-Guido Wendel
Tree-Derived Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Treating COVID-19 Virus
Originally explored as a cancer drug, the tree-derived chemical is now being mined for its antiviral properties.
In the Lab
Physician-scientist Alex Kentsis
Research Shows How Common Feature of Blood Cancers Can Be Targeted
Research points to the role of a protein called MYB, which has long been known to play a role in cancer.
Direna Alonso Curbelo
MSK Scientists Learn How Genes and Environment Conspire in Pancreatic Cancer Development
The insights lay the groundwork for earlier diagnosis and better treatment of the disease.
MSK immunologist Ming Li
Sloan Kettering Institute Scientists Solve a 100-Year-Old Mystery about Cancer
Scientists have long known that cancer cells and immune cells have an uncommon hunger for glucose but haven’t understood why. A new study offers an answer.
Francisco Sánchez-Rivera
Confronting a Crisis: How MSK Cancer Geneticists Responded to COVID-19
During World War II, US factories famously converted their operations to support the war effort. COVID-19 instigated something similar among cancer scientists.
Human metastatic melanoma cells in a lymph node. ENPP1, a protein involved in immune evasion, is shown in green.
Taking the STING Out of Cancer: Discovery about How Cancer Cells Evade Immune Defenses Inspires New Treatment Approach
The research identifies a protein called ENPP1 as a potential drug target in the treatment of advanced cancers with chromosome instability.
Dana Pe'er, Chair of the Computational and Systems Biology Program at the Sloan Kettering Institute
Year in Review: Top 10 MSK Cancer Science Breakthroughs of 2020
Take a look back at some of the biggest cancer science stories from this past year.
In the Clinic
Physician-scientist Charles Rudin
Unexpected Finding Reveals New Target for Aggressive Form of Lung Cancer
Researchers discover that a subset of lung adenocarcinomas are aggressive because of mutations that allow them to block ferroptosis, a type of cell death.