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In the Lab
Kalina Belcheva, Teddy Yewdell, Jayanta Chaudhuri, and Ryan Smolkin standing together in a lab
SKI Research Reveals New Insights into Immune Response to Viral Infections — Including COVID-19
Research from Sloan Kettering Institute immunologists suggests that the body may mount an immune response to respiratory viruses that lasts longer than previously thought. The discovery could impact the timing of COVID-19 vaccinations.
SKI immunologist Andrea Schietinger
Discovery of a Stem-like T Cell in Type 1 Diabetes Holds Potential for Improving Cancer Immunotherapy, Sloan Kettering Institute Scientists Say
As an autoimmune disease, Type 1 diabetes raises important questions about immune cell activity that have broad implications for immunotherapy.

Day in the Life of a Gerstner Sloan Kettering Student: Coffee, Lab Meetings, Central Park, and More

Get an inside look into the life of a student from the Gerstner Sloan Kettering (GSK) Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

  • Tuesday, November 23, 2021
In the Lab
Maria Jasin
Sloan Kettering Institute Researchers Discover One Way Genetic Mutations Occur During Formation of Eggs and Sperm
Investigators have employed mutant mice to study how the accumulation of genetic errors is managed during egg and sperm formation.
Yonina Murciano-Goroff, Jenny Xue, Bob Li, Piro Lito, and Yulei Zhao.
MSK Researchers Are Learning Why Some Patients Develop Resistance to ‘Landmark’ Lung Cancer Drug
A paper from MSK researchers reports that resistance to sotorasib, a new targeted drug for lung cancer, can be caused by many different molecular changes.
MSK cancer biologist Triparna Sen
Scientists Learn More about How Lung Cancer Becomes Resistant to Drugs
By switching from one cellular identity to another, lung cancer cells can evade targeted therapies. MSK scientists are trying to stop that from happening.
Promising PhD Students Awarded Funding to Support Doctoral Research at Gerstner Sloan Kettering
“We could not be more proud of this deserving group of the outstanding GSK students who have been recognized with fellowship support this academic year,” says GSK Dean Michael Overholtzer.
Charles Rudin and Dana Pe'er
Molecular Atlas of Small Cell Lung Cancer Reveals Unusual Cell Type That Could Explain Why It’s So Aggressive
Stem-like cells that make up only a tiny fraction of the total cells in a lung tumor could be the key to stopping the disease’s deadly spread, say researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering.
GSK student in lab
How an Innovative Biomedical Graduate School Empowers Students to Reach Their Potential
Hear from GSK Alumni Lindsey, Prashant, and Theresa, as they share more about their experience and where their careers have taken them.
In the Lab
Physician-scientist Piro Lito
Researchers Uncover New Findings about KRAS, an Important Protein in Cancer
Researchers have taken a closer look at what a protein called KRAS does in normal cells and how certain KRAS mutations lead to for cancer growth.