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Thomas Norman
Thomas Norman, PhD

Assistant Professor

Specific combinations of genes exhibit emergent properties when expressed together, enabling the generation of diverse cell types and behaviors. This phenomenon motivates the quantitative study of genetic interactions (GIs), which compare the phenotypic consequences of perturbing two or more genes alone or in combination. The challenge of studying GIs is their sheer scale: e.g., among 10,000 genes there are ~50 million possible pairwise GIs. The Norman Lab blends computational approaches with high-throughput experimental methods to develop new screening approaches for finding and characterizing genetic interactions.

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Tom Norman Lab

Publications Highlights

Norman, T.M.*, Horlbeck, M.*, Replogle, J., Ge, A., Xu, A., Jost, M., Gilbert, L., & Weissman, J.S. Exploring genetic interaction manifolds constructed from rich phenotypes. Science 365, 786-793 (2019).

Adamson, B.*, Norman, T.M.*, Jost, M., Cho, M.Y., Nuñez, J.K., Chen, Y., Villalta, J.E., Gilbert, L.A., Horlbeck, M.A., Hein, M.Y. Pak, R.A., Gray, A.N., Gross, C.A., Dixit, A. Parnas, O., Regev, A. & Weissman, J.S. A multiplexed single-cell CRISPR screening platform enables systematic dissection of the unfolded protein response.  Cell 167, 1867-1882 (2016).

Hilfinger, A.*, Norman, T.*, Vinnicombe, G. & Paulsson, J. Constraints on fluctuations in sparsely characterized biological systems.  Physical Review Letters 116, 058101 (2016).

Norman, T.*, Lord, N.*, Paulsson, J. & Losick, R. Memory and modularity in cell-fate decision making. Nature 503, 481–486 (2013).

Lord, N.D.*, Norman, T.M.*, Yuan, R., Losick, R., & Paulsson, J. Stochastic antagonism between two proteins governs a bacterial cell fate switch.  Science 366, 116-120 (2019).

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Thomas Norman

Thomas Norman, PhD

Assistant Professor

  • Systems biologist Thomas Norman develops new computational and functional genomics approaches for studying how genes interact to realize complex phenotypes.
  • PhD, Harvard University
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Rico Ardy

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Lab Affiliations


  • Josie Robertson Investigator (2019-2024)
  • Damon Runyon-Dale F. Frey Award for Breakthrough Scientists (2019)
  • Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Fellowship (2015-2018)
  • NIH Director's New Innovator Award (2020)

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Ashleigh Donnellan

Administrative Assistant

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