Ming Li: Publications

Ming Li: Publications


Primary Papers

M. Peng, N. Yin, M.O. Li. SZT2 Dictates GATOR Control of mTORC1 Signaling. Nature 2017, 543: 433-437.

M. Peng, N. Yin, S. Chhangawala, K. Xu, C.S. Leslie, M.O. Li. Aerobic Glycolysis Promotes T Helper 1 Cell Differentiation Through an Epigenetic Mechanism. Science 2016, 354: 481-484.

S. Dadi, S. Chhangawala, B.M. Whitlock, R.A. Franklin, C.T. Luo, S.A. Oh, A. Toure, Y. Pritykin, M. Huse, C.S. Leslie, M.O. Li. Cancer Immunosurveillance by Tissue-resident Innate Lymphoid Cells and Innate-like T Cells. Cell 2016, 164: 365-377.

C.T. Luo, W. Liao, S. Dadi, A. Toure, M.O. Li. Graded Foxo1 Activity in Regulatory T Cells Differentiates Tumor Immunity from Spontaneous Autoimmunity. Nature 2016, 529: 532-536.

M. Peng, N. Yin, M.O. Li. Sestrins Function as Guanine Nucleotide Dissociation Inhibitors for Rag GTPases to Control mTORC1 Signaling. Cell 2014, 159: 122-133.

R.A. Franklin, W. Liao, A. Sarkar, M.V. Kim, M.R. Bivona, K. Liu, E.G. Pamer, M.O. Li. The Cellular and Molecular Origin of Tumor-associated Macrophages. Science 2014, 344: 921-925.

W. Ouyang, W. Liao, C.T. Luo, N. Yin, M. Huse, M.V. Kim, M. Peng, P. Chan, Q. Ma, Y. Mo, D. Meijer, K. Zhao, A.Y. Rudensky, G. Atwal, M.Q. Zhang, M.O. Li. Novel Foxo1-dependent Transcriptional Programs Control Treg Cell Function. Nature 2012, 491: 554-559.

M.K. Donkor, A. Sarkar, P.A. Savage, R.A. Franklin, L.K. Johnson, A.A. Jungbluth, J.P. Allison, M.O. Li. T Cell Surveillance of Oncogene-induced Prostate Cancer is Impeded by T Cell-derived TGF-beta1 Cytokine. Immunity 2011, 35: 123-134.

Review Articles

M.O. Li, A.Y. Rudensky. T Cell Receptor Signaling in the Control of Regulatory T Cell Differentiation and Function. Nat Rev Immunol. 2016, 16: 220-233.

R.A. Franklin, M.O. Li. Ontogeny of Tumor-associated Macrophages and Its Implication in Cancer Regulation. Trends Cancer 2016, 2: 20-34.


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