The Hedvig Hricak Lab

The Hedvig Hricak Lab

Our laboratory is working on establishing phenotypic signatures of cancer using multimodality anatomic and molecular imaging. We also aim to integrate multimodality imaging with anatomic pathology, genomics, and other molecular signatures to gain further insight into comprehensive molecular and anatomic tumor profiling. The goal is to further advance understanding of in vivo tumor biology and tumor heterogeneity (both spacial and temporal). We plan to develop and validate tumor biomarkers that can be used for treatment selection, assessment of treatment response or early detection of treatment resistance. Using advanced computational methods of radiomics and radiogenomics, we are evaluating how multimodality/multiplexing technology can advance our knowledge of tumor phenotypes and their associations with genomic mutations. We are also exploring targeted imaging and targeted therapies to ultimately expand the field of theranostics, which we believe is one of the future paths to precision medicine.

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Hedvig Hricak, MD, PhD

Hedvig Hricak, MD, PhD

Chair, Department of Radiology


Research Focus

Radiologist Hedvig Hricak researches methodologies of molecular imaging of prostate and gynecologic tumors.


  • MD, University of Zagreb School of Medicine (Yugoslavia)
  • Dr. Med. Sc. Karolinska Institute (Sweden)

Lab Members