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Over the past ten years, we have investigated the developmental origin and homeostasis of macrophages and the related cell types monocytes and dendritic cells. These cells play a major role in diverse types of cancer and can either restrain or promote cancer progression and metastasis. The Geissmann lab is now building on previous work to investigate mechanisms by which tissue macrophages may control tissue growth and metabolism and whether these same mechanisms play a role in cancer initiation and development.

Frederic Geissmann, MD, PhD

Frederic Geissmann, MD, PhD

William E. Snee Chair of Immunology


Research Focus

My research is focused on cellular and molecular mechanisms that control the differentiation, maintenance, and physiological functions of macrophages and monocytes and their roles in tissue homeostasis and disease processes.


  • MD, University of Paris, Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie
  • PhD, University of Paris, Paris V Rene-Descartes

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