Molecular genomics, Research Assistant / Senior Research Technician

Molecular genomics, Research Assistant / Senior Research Technician


We are an expanding team of research, clinical and computational investigators working in cancer genomics with a focus in blood and childhood cancers. Our mission is to establish a fully integrated research program that coordinates basic scientific discovery, early-phase clinical trials, and drug development. As part of the center’s clinical and research investigations we are generating a wealth of genomic annotation data. To support and inform both ongoing and future research in cancer, we are building end-to-end infrastructure for large-scale innovative experimental and computational methodologies.

We are looking for an independent and motivated research scientist with at least 3 years experience in molecular genetic assays, to include DNA and RNA preparations, PCR, Q-PCR, establishment and optimization of high-throughput genotyping assays and operation of liquid handling automation. The senior research scientist will be leading the implementation, testing and operation of high-throughput molecular assays to include genotyping, next generation sequencing, single-cell (G&T seq, Smart-Seq2, Drop-Seq) and high depth sequencing incorporating unique molecular indexes. As part of their role they will be responsible for protocol establishment, troubleshooting and documenting laboratory standard operating procedures for laboratory assays.  Working together with research and computational scientists in the group, the research scientist will contribute towards independent research in the center and support the design execution, analysis and interpretation of data from the following assays:

  • High-throughput multiplex genotyping by digital PCR or microfluidics
  • Next generation sequencing (RNA, DNA, ATAC-seq) assays
  • Single-cell RNA sequencing or combined DNA and RNA profiling from single cells (G&T-Seq).
  • Deep next generation sequencing using unique molecular indexes.
  • Standard molecular profiling assays.

The research scientists should be proficient in using and applying a diverse array of laboratory methodologies and equipment that are routinely used in molecular biology research and work using good laboratory practices. The candidate should understand the biochemical principles outlined in experimental protocols and feel comfortable with optimizing or testing new protocols.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Establish single cell and deep sequencing genotyping protocols in the laboratory, source relevant equipment, reagents and consumables.
  • Troubleshoot, perform pilot experiments and optimize assays.
  • Write standard operating procedures for experimental assays.
  • Work with biostatisticians and computational biologists to develop standard quality control metrics, analyse and interpret the data.
  • Actively participate in project design, method selection, method development and presentation of results to team and department.
  • Presents research findings on conferences, and publishes articles in peer reviewed research journals.


Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Masters level in molecular genetics or relevant discipline.
  • At least 3 years experience, in running high-throughput PCR, sequencing and genotyping assays.
  • At least 1 year experience in novel assay development, optimisation and implementation.  
  • Experience with liquid handling equipment and familiar with new and emerging technologies.
  • Independent thinker, strong problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills, commitment to generating accurate data, ability to meet deadlines, and demonstrated experience in multi-tasking.
  • Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills, and aptitude in interacting with clinical and research collaborators.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

Our Lab

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about our laboratory, and to address any informal questions or inquiries to Seon Ball at [email protected]