PhD student and postdoctoral positions

PhD student and postdoctoral positions


The Pe’er Lab is always excited to welcome talented PhD students and postdocs!

We are a diverse group of computational biologists with a passion for developing and applying algorithmic approaches to data from single-cell and spatial technologies, in order to solve some of the most important questions of cell fate in a variety of tissue contexts. Trainees in our group range from pure math to clinical backgrounds, and all are focused on using machine learning to extract insights from high-dimensional, genomic-scale data. We have access to world-class facilities at the Sloan Kettering Institute and work closely with the Single-cell Analytics and Innovation Lab (SAIL) at MSK to generate new data from emerging technologies and methodologies. Our exceptional wet-lab collaborators at MSK and beyond enable us to apply our methods to some of the most exciting datasets across cancer, immunology and developmental biology.

Our lab is open, supportive, collaborative and a lot of fun. Join us!

PhD candidates

Students interested in working towards a PhD degree with Dr. Pe’er must first enroll in the Tri-Institutional (Tri-I) Computational Biology & Medicine (CBM) program, run by Cornell University, The Rockefeller University, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. This is a highly competitive PhD program that provides access to strong computational groups at all three institutions. CBM students complete rotations in three different labs in their first year, before embarking on their thesis work in one lab. Applications for Tri-I CBM are typically due in early December, and decisions for the following September are announced in the spring.

Students who matriculate in the Gerstner Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences can also rotate with our group.

The Pe’er lab cannot accept direct applications from prospective students, but we are open to mentorship arrangements with exceptional PhD students who are already enrolled in local programs, such as at Columbia University.

Postdoctoral fellows

We seek applicants with a strong demonstrated track record in genomics or quantitative biology, particularly computational biologists with substantial mathematics or statistical training and an interest in algorithmic development. Our postdocs have gone on to successful posts in industry and faculty positions at top academic institutions. 

Please reach out to [email protected] with a curriculum vitae and cover letter if you are interested in joining the lab.