The Yael David Lab

The Yael David Lab

Research efforts in the David lab apply core techniques in chemical biology, biochemistry, and cell biology to address fundamental questions in the epigenetic regulation of transcription. Epigenetic regulation relies on the dynamic modification of the two building blocks of chromatin: DNA and histone packaging proteins, to establish and maintain cell identity and fate. We develop and utilize chemical methods to synthesize site-specifically modified histones in vitro and in vivo and study the roles that these modifications play in disease states, with the ultimate goal of targeting them for therapeutics.

    The Yael David Lab

    Yael David

    Assistant Professor

    Research Focus

    Yael David’s lab develops and applies methods in chemical biology toward studying epigenetic regulation and its correlation with disease states.


    • Ph.D – The Weizmann Institute of Science
    • B.Sc SUNY Stony Brook


    • Yael David, Miquel Vila-Perello, Shivam Verma and Tom Muir. Chemical Tagging and Customizing of Cellular Chromatin States using Ultrafast Trans-Splicing Inteins. Nature Chemistry. 2015 May;7(5):394-402.
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    Selected Achievements

    • Josie Robertson Young Investigator’s award
    • CEBRA award

    Career Opportunities

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