The Tobias Hohl Lab

Tobias Hohl Lab Group

We investigate the immune response to human fungal pathogens and, conversely, the mechanisms that enable fungi to cause infectious diseases. To illuminate these processes, we generate fluorescent-based tools to monitor the outcome of fungal cell – host cell encounters and examine the role of both inhaled fungal spores and of endogenous fungal communities, termed the mycobiome, in fungal disease development.

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Pictured: Dr. Tobias Hohl

Tobias M. Hohl, MD, PhD

Chief, Infectious Diseases Service

Associate Attending

Research Focus

Physician-scientist Tobias Hohl studies the molecular pathogenesis of human fungal pathogens and how the immune system responds to them.


  • MD, Weill Medical College of Cornell University
  • PhD, Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences of Cornell University

Lab Members

Selected Achievements
  • Member, American Society of Clinical Investigation (2016)
  • Investigator in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseases, Burrroughs Wellcome Fund (2014)
  • Fellow, Infectious Diseases Society of America (2012)
  • Young Investigator Award, American Society of Microbiology (2009)