Alexander Zhovmer, PhD

Research Fellow

Alexander Zhovmer, PhD

Research Fellow
Alexander Zhovmer, PhD

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Education and Training


Research Fellow, Sloan Kettering Institute Molecular Biology Program, Translation and gene expression control, Xiaohui Qu Lab


PhD, Ecole Doctorale des Sciences de la Vie et de la Santé,
Université de Strasbourg , France

June 2008-September 2012

PhD student, IGBMC Functional Genomics & Cancer Program; Genome expression and repair
Frédéric Coin / Jean-Marc Egly Lab, France

August 2007-May 2008

Junior Research Associate, Institute of Clinical Immunology, Experimental Immunology Program; Molecular Immunology
Sergey Sennikov Lab, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russia


MS, Biology and Medical Biology,
Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk, Russia

Research Interests

Cybernetics and autopoiesis of complex dissipative carbon nanomachines.  RNA World Hypothesis. Cytoskeleton and nonstochastic RNA transport, exo-endocytosis and translation in cell-to-cell, cell-to-matrix focal contacts, immune synapses and nerve synapses. RNA motifs, catalytic RNA and RNA-mediated genome-rearrangement, programming and tissue engineering.


1. Alexander Zhovmer et al. Chromatin remodellers, kinases and phosphatases mediate
DNA damage response and nucleotide excision repair(in preparation).

2. Valentyn Oksenych*, Alexander Zhovmer*, Jitka Eberova, Tiziana Nardo,
Miria Stefanini, Jean-Marc Egly and Frédéric Coin (2013) Histone Methyltransferase
DOT1L Drives Recovery of  Gene Expression After a Genotoxic Attack. PLOS Genetics. *These authors contributed equally to this work.

3. Nicolas Le May, Izarn Iltis, Jean-Christophe Ame, Alexander Zhovmer, Denis Biard,
Jean-Marc Egly, Valerie Schreiber and Frederic Coin (2012) Poly (ADP-ribose)
glycohydrolase regulates retinoic acid receptor-mediated gene expression. Mol.Cell.

4. Alexander Zhovmer, Valentyn Oksenych, Frédéric Coin (2010) Two sides of the same
coin: TFIIH complexes in transcription and DNA repair. Scientific World Journal.

5. Valentyn Oksenych, Bruno Bernardes de Jesus, Alexander Zhovmer, Jean-Marc Egly
Frédéric Coin (2009) Molecular insights into the recruitment of TFIIH to sites of DNA
damage. The EMBO journal.