Events and Lectures

Events and Lectures

A brief summary of the biology of cellular energy storage, November 2022

11/16/22 Lecturer, Bob Farese, Jr

2021 Sabri Ülker Symposium on Metabolism and Life

05/26/2021: Lecture by Dr. Walther

Lipid Droplets: iBiology Talk 


Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health This Week in Health 

Basic science is at the heart of many of our greatest health advances. And in this week’s episode we speak with two scientists who are asking fundamental questions about how our bodies work. The answers could help crack the secrets of diseases ranging from diabetes to dementia.

For the past three-plus years those two scientists, Robert Farese and Tobias Walther, have done something almost unheard of in public health: run a joint lab. Their work largely focuses on understanding how our cells store and then synthesize fat—a process known as lipid metabolism. It’s work that has wide-ranging implications for a variety of diseases. During an in-depth conversation Farese and Walther shared insight on their work, the joys and challenges of running a lab together, and the importance of basic scientific research.

Drs. Farese and Walther: Fundamental Questions


Robert V. Farese, MD is a Professor of Genetics and Complex Diseases at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He talks about about Integrity and excellence in communication are important to his research brand. Bob also shares a unique organizational structure for running a lab.

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American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)

Dr. Farese: Avanti Award in Lipids Lecture
Mechanisms and physiology of fat synthesis and storage

Harvard Public Health Magazine

Harvard Public Health Magazine: Bob and Tobi’s Excellent Adventure

Robert Farese and Tobias Walther’s unusual lab is cracking the secrets to diseases ranging from diabetes to dementia.

Metabolism, Obesity and Obesity-associated Diseases Meeting

CSHL Keynote: Dr. Farese: The roots of obesity—Mechanisms of lipid synthesis and storage