The Christine Mayr Lab

The Christine Mayr Lab

My lab studies the regulation of protein functions by 3′UTRs.  We also investigate the roles of mRNAs in the compartmentalization of the cytoplasm through membraneless organelles.  We combine imaging, biochemistry and molecular biology methods and use human cells, mice, and budding yeast.

We recently discovered that 3’UTRs mediate protein-protein interactions. We are currently focusing on the question of how alternative 3’UTRs determine protein localization and protein functions. 

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Selected Achievements

  • NIH Director’s Pioneer Award (2016)
  • Pershing Square Sohn Prize for Young Investigators in Cancer Research (2015)
  • Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award, Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation (2012)
  • Kimmel Scholar Award, Sidney Kimmel Foundation (2011)