Housing & Cost of Living


Students who matriculate in GSK are offered affordable housing owned by MSK located in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. Living spaces ranging from studio to two-bedroom apartments are available to students based on individual needs. Rates vary according to the type of living space contracted by each student.

The most affordable option for a single student is a shared two-bedroom apartment with kitchenette and bath with a 2020 monthly rent of $950. The cost of housing is subsidized to approximately 40 percent below the market value in the same area. Students who choose to share an apartment are assigned a roommate.  Rent for housing is deducted from the student’s stipend payments. An estimated budget for food per year averages $6,753.

The occupancy agreement should be read carefully because it is a contract between MSK and the student. The housing contract is in effect for the duration of study and is automatically renewed each year. If a student wishes to vacate MSK housing before completion of the program, the student must abide by the vacate policy of the Housing Division.

Students who are finishing their degrees have to comply with the GSK sign-out process, which includes a 30-day notice for termination of the occupancy agreement with MSK.