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Targeted Therapeutics

By combining tracer amounts of radiolabeled particle therapeutics with dynamic microPET imaging methods, we can sensitively monitor the drug-delivery process and extract key properties relating to the kinetics of cumulative particle tracer uptake. Tumor-specific readouts may be used to estimate therapeutic dosing in the setting of personalized care.

Therapeutic C Dots

Attaching radiolabeled tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) and chemotherapeutics to C dots enhances treatment efficacy in selective tumor models, while limiting non-specific uptake in the body.

Mesoporous Silica Nanomaterials (MSNs)

To improve efficacy and drug-toxicity profiles, we are using multimodal (PET-optical) MSNs as controlled release platforms for increasing intratumoral localization and retention of therapeutic agents in select tumor models. Novel porous particles, ranging in size from <10 nm to about 150 nm and exhibiting a range of surface charge and pore characteristics, are available to accommodate a variety of therapeutics and to evaluate controlled-release profiles and efficacy.

Melanoma-Selective Radiotherapeutics

By evaluating several small targeting ligands and optimizing the C dot surface chemistry, we are working toward the development of a robust particle radiotherapeutic that can both target and treat certain types of radiosensitive tumors.