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The José Baselga Lab: Former Lab Members

Pictured: Maurizio Scaltriti

Maurizio Scaltriti

Associate Attending

Pau Castel

Pau Castel

Graduate Research Assistant

Moshe Elkabets

Moshe Elkabets

Research Associate

Natasha Morse

Natasha Morse

Senior Research Technician

Ana  Bosch

Ana Bosch

Pictured: Samuel Brook

Samuel Brook

Research Technician

Pictured: Francisco Carmona Sanz

Francisco Javier Carmona Sanz

Research Fellow

Hailey  Ellis

Hailey Ellis

Neel  Jasani

Neel Jasani

Research Technician

Pictured: Zachary Zumsteg

Zachary Zumsteg

Clinical Research Fellow