Senior Research Technician

Senior Research Technician


A driving motivation of the Single Cell Research Initiative (SCRI) is to develop cutting edge single-cell experimental technologies, including single-cell RNA-seq and multiplexed imaging, to explore questions in tumor heterogeneity, metastasis and the tumor-immune environment. A key focus is the single-cell profiling of patient samples, with the goal of improving immunotherapy and precision medicine. The work in our dynamic multi-disciplinary team involves the use of technologies such as droplet microfluidics, large-scale assay automation, computational biology, imaging, molecular biology and high-throughput sequencing. We are seeking a diligent and dedicated wet-lab researcher who is interested in learning about and developing new technologies for cancer research.

As a Senior Research Technician, you will:

  • Develop new protocols for dissociation, preservation and cell-sorting of patient tissue from multiple cancer types including breast, lung, skin, ovarian, brain and blood
  • Develop and run single-cell assays, including automated library preparation and robotic handling for RNA-seq
  • Participate in projects to collect large-scale single-cell datasets in collaboration with clinical trial teams
  • Develop novel biological assays based on droplet microfluidics
  • Occasionally test and develop new reagents and protocols of general interest for the laboratory

Application Requirements

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with 3+ years of wet-lab experience
  • Experience with high-throughput sequencing library preparation and in-depth knowledge of advanced molecular biology and genetic engineering techniques
  • Experience with mammalian tissue culture and FACS
  • Experience with epifluorescence and confocal microscopy
  • Extensive wet-lab experience is highly preferable
  • Experience with microtiter plate assays (e.g. MARS-seq) would be an asset
  • The ideal candidate is highly organized, dedicated, reliable and responsible; she or he should be independent but also enjoy working on an international team in a highly collaborative atmosphere

Computational skills:

  • Experience with MS Office and scientific figure management software such as Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.
  • Basic computational and statistical knowledge
  • Programming skills in R, Python and MatLab (or other languages) are a plus

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