International Students

GSK student writing in notebook at a table.

GSK students come from around the world to learn from leading scientists.

Because applicants from across the world join our program, Gertsner Sloan Kettering provides a number of services for international students.

Working with Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Immigration Office, we guide newly accepted students through the process of obtaining an F-1 student visa and offer counsel on immigration, employment, and other issues. As an international student, you’ll receive this advice in orientations and workshops, or by requesting a personal appointment with one of our immigration officers.

In addition, we will provide information about government regulations and procedures related to maintaining legal status, employment options, travel and reentry, and other matters.

If you have questions about the F-1 visa or other immigration-related issues, email the GSK office or call us at 646-888-6639. You may also contact Patricia Williams or Jose A. Bueno Roca at the Immigration Office.