Recent News: Targeted Therapy

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In the Lab
Cancer biologist Scott Lowe
Drug Combination Could Boost the Effectiveness of Immunotherapy against Pancreatic Cancer
Studies conducted in mice reveal a potential way to breach the defenses of pancreatic cancer tumors.
In the Lab
Illustration of how PU-PET localizes to tumors
Bull’s-Eye: Imaging Technology Could Confirm When a Drug Is Going to the Right Place
Collaborative team advances a new approach for imaging a drug that’s been developed to stop cancer growth.
Computational biologist Barry Taylor
Whether a BRCA Mutation Leads to Cancer Depends on Context, Study Finds
Sometimes a BRCA mutation is just along for the ride, rather than driving a tumor’s development.
In the Lab
MSK cancer researchers Elizabeth Adams, Charles Sawyers, and Rohit Bose
Researchers Unravel the Biology of a Distinct Prostate Cancer Subtype
Mutations in a gene called FOXA1 are responsible for a distinct class of prostate cancer tumors, MSK researchers have found.
Model of TGF-beta molecule
An Old Protein Gets a New Look: Researchers Target TGF-ß to Make Immunotherapy More Effective
Drugs that block the action of TGF-ß may make checkpoint inhibitors more effective.
Alex Kentsis in his lab
Research Uncovers the Genetic Causes of Aggressive Leukemia in Children
Researchers have found that the genetic changes that cause pediatric leukemia are different from those that lead to leukemia in adults.
In the Clinic
MRI of brain and spinal fluid in green
Analyzing Spinal Fluid Could Guide Brain Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment
Cancer DNA taken from spinal fluid could serve as a liquid biopsy that provides information on brain tumor mutations.
Top 10 Stories of 2018, Cancer Research Edition
Take a look back at some of the year’s biggest news in cancer research.
In the Clinic
A tube of blood superimposed on a lung and a DNA helix
Liquid Biopsy Is Effective at Guiding Treatment of Lung Cancer, Study Finds
The initial results of an ongoing study show that a liquid biopsy has advantages over a tissue biopsy for people with lung cancer.
In the Lab
Blue cells containing small red and green dots on a black background
Scientists Pinpoint a New Cause of Resistance to EGFR-Targeting Drugs
Multiple copies of a gene called <em>YES1</em> appear to be responsible for certain precision drugs losing their effectiveness.