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SKI cell biologists Junmei Yi and Xuejun Jiang
More Evidence that Cellular ‘Death by Iron’ Could Be Promising Avenue of Cancer Treatment
Cancers with certain mutations are vulnerable to ferroptosis, a form of iron-dependent cell death.
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An illustration of a reel of film
Feature Presentation: 3D Movies of Cell Signaling in Early Development from the Hadjantonakis Lab
Grab your popcorn and pull up a chair for these video shorts of cell signaling in early mouse development.
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black and white image of cells under a microscope
Researchers Discover Stem Cells That May Drive Aggressive Behavior in Glioblastoma
Researchers have discovered uncanny similarities between cells found in brain tumors and a type of stem cell that’s important for building the brain during fetal development.
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An illustration of lung develop alongside tumor evolution
Shape-Shifting Stem Cells Are Key to Cancer Metastasis and Immune Evasion
By assuming primitive regenerative identities, cancer cells gain the adaptability they need to establish tumors in new parts of the body.
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An illustration of two teapots with liquid flowing into various cups
How Stem Cells Decide Their Fate
Research in blood stem cells has revealed new information about how these cells decide what to become when they divide.
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Fluorescent red and green cells
Scientists Use CRISPR to Learn How Cells Make Decisions
The genome-editing technique uncovered several genes previously not known to influence embryonic development.
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 Colored scanning electron micrograph of a clump of pluripotent stem cells.
Stem Cells Stay “Young” on a Fat-Free Diet
Researchers have discovered a simple way to keep stem cells in a more flexible state for research and potential treatments.
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An organoid of a developing brain
Stem Cell Research Identifies Potential Drugs for Treating Zika Infection
Researchers from MSK and Weill Cornell have found that two compounds appear to fight off infection with the Zika virus.
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Histology images of stem cells and AML cells
Step by Step: Stem Cell Approach Provides New Models for Studying How Acute Myeloid Leukemia Progresses
A new laboratory tool will allow researchers to study the progression from normal cells to myelodysplastic syndromes to an aggressive type of leukemia.
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Pancreatic beta cells
Connecting the Dots: Stem Cells Provide Valuable Tool for Linking Genes and Disease
Researchers are using pluripotent stem cells to create models of diabetes and pancreatic cancer.