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In the Lab
Illustration of how PU-PET localizes to tumors
Bull’s-Eye: Imaging Technology Could Confirm When a Drug Is Going to the Right Place
Collaborative team advances a new approach for imaging a drug that’s been developed to stop cancer growth.
In the Lab
Illustration of child with kidneys highlighted, cup of urine, and a beam of light.
Analyzing Urine Can Guide the Treatment of Childhood Kidney Tumors
A protein detected in the urine of children with Wilms’ tumor led to the development of a test to improve diagnosis and treatment.
In the Lab
Image of dividing breast cancer cells taken with electron microscope.
Researchers Identify Why Women May Develop Resistance to a New Class of Breast Cancer Drugs
Clues emerge about why promising new breast cancer drugs sometimes don’t work — and what might be done about it.
In the Clinic
A tube of blood superimposed on a lung and a DNA helix
Liquid Biopsy Is Effective at Guiding Treatment of Lung Cancer, Study Finds
The initial results of an ongoing study show that a liquid biopsy has advantages over a tissue biopsy for people with lung cancer.
A calico cat
What Is Epigenetics, and Why Is Everyone Talking about It?
Epigenetics is frequently in the news, but there's lots of confusion about just what it entails.
In the Lab
Blue cells containing small red and green dots on a black background
Scientists Pinpoint a New Cause of Resistance to EGFR-Targeting Drugs
Multiple copies of a gene called <em>YES1</em> appear to be responsible for certain precision drugs losing their effectiveness.
In the Clinic
Image of DNA helix with sequence in the background
Genetic ‘Scars’ Provide Clues for Tailoring Cancer Treatment
For the first time, scientists have determined the extent of DNA repair deficiencies across cancer types. Learn what it means for patients.
Barry Taylor
With MSK Leading the Way, Precision Medicine Links Lab Research to Patient Care
Therapies that target genetic alterations in tumors are showing promise for many cancer patients, but challenges in developing these new treatments remain.
In the Lab
MSK investigators Joan Massagué and Anna Obenauf
Outsmarting Cancer’s Survival Skills
A new study led by MSK investigators reveals how some cancer cells become resistant to targeted treatment and suggests what might be done to stop that from happening.