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In the Lab
Cancer biologist Scott Lowe
Drug Combination Could Boost the Effectiveness of Immunotherapy against Pancreatic Cancer
Studies conducted in mice reveal a potential way to breach the defenses of pancreatic cancer tumors.
In the Lab
a colorful dendritic cell
Newly Discovered Immune Cell Subtypes Could Shake Up Immunotherapy
Dendritic cells, the guards of the immune system, have a previously unrecognized division of labor.
Drawing of one human figure set apart from a group of others.
One Patient’s Exceptional Response Leads to a Surprising Discovery about Immunotherapy
MSK researchers learn that some cancers may respond to checkpoint inhibitor drugs because of changes called gene fusions.
In the Clinic
Scientific Image
CAR Therapy for Solid Tumors Draws Attention at Annual Cancer Conference
Results from a clinical trial indicate that an experimental CAR therapy for mesothelioma is safe.
Tumor mutation model
Tumor Mutational Burden Can Help Predict Response to Immunotherapy in Many Different Cancers
Investigators confirmed that people whose tumors have a high tumor mutational burden and were treated with immunotherapy lived longer.
Top 10 Stories of 2018, Cancer Research Edition
Take a look back at some of the year’s biggest news in cancer research.
Blue cancer cell with a target on it
Adding Low-Dose Radiation Could Make CAR T Therapy More Effective, Study Finds
The treatment combination appears to boost chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells’ ability to kill cancer cells in solid tumors.
In the News
James Allison
Former MSK Immunologist James Allison Wins Nobel Prize in Medicine
Dr. Allison is being honored for discovering how to take the brakes off cancer-fighting immune cells.
In the Lab
Different viewpoints of the STING pathway
Putting the STING in Immunotherapy: Research Focuses on Ways to Improve Cancer Treatments
Researchers are looking for ways to make cancer cells more visible to the immune system.
MSK cell manufacturing specialist Xiuyan Wang
Meet the Scientists Who Engineer CAR T Cells, a Type of "Living" Immunotherapy
An immunotherapy called CAR T is transforming the treatment of certain cancers. These are the people who make it possible.