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In the Lab
MSK immunologist Ming Li.
MSK-led Studies Support the Concept of “Cancer Environment Immunotherapy”
Targeting the cancer environment, rather than the cancer itself, could be a new avenue for immunotherapy.
In the Lab
Fluorescent image of CAR T cells in mouse liver fibrosis
A New Target for CAR T Cells: Senescence-Related Diseases
From atherosclerosis and diabetes to liver fibrosis and osteoarthritis, senescent cells are at the root of many debilitating diseases. Scientists increasingly have them in the crosshairs.
In the Lab
Bacteroides bacteria under the microscope
Research Uncovers Details about How Gut Microbes Influence the Immune System
Investigators have shown how gut microbes promote the formation of a type of immune cell called regulatory T cells.
Illustration of Enterococcus
Study in Mice Suggests Lactose in the Diet Feeds Dangerous Gut Bacteria When the Immune System Is Compromised
Lab mice who had lactose removed from their diets had a decreased risk of infection with the Enterococcus bacterium.
In the Lab
a colorful dendritic cell
Newly Discovered Immune Cell Subtypes Could Shake Up Immunotherapy
Dendritic cells, the guards of the immune system, have a previously unrecognized division of labor.
In the Lab
Immune cells surrounding a cancer cell
Checkpoint Challenge: When Releasing Immune Cell Brakes Is Not Enough to Stop Cancer
Scientists have learned that cutting a T cell’s brakes can have unexpected consequences.
An illustration of an immune cell killing a cancer cell, and a snake attacking a mouse
How Do Immune Cells Kill Their Prey?
When an immune cell faces a foe, it has more than chemical weapons at its disposal.
Drawing of one human figure set apart from a group of others.
One Patient’s Exceptional Response Leads to a Surprising Discovery about Immunotherapy
MSK researchers learn that some cancers may respond to checkpoint inhibitor drugs because of changes called gene fusions.
Science Byte
Ribbon diagram of an anthrax protein.
Scientists Discover Keys to Immune Response against Anthrax
Researchers clarify how the immune system activates an inflammatory defense against pathogens.
In the News
an illustration of cancer metastasis
AACR 2019 Research Roundup: Nanosensors for Cancer, New Immunotherapy Targets, a Road Map of Metastasis, and CAR T Fratricide
Read our key takeaways from the second half of the American Association for Cancer Research’s 2019 annual meeting.