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Image of a mobile phone with a strand of DNA
There’s an App for That: When the Meaning of a BRCA Mutation Isn’t Clear-Cut
A new project called the BRCA Exchange is sharing data about BRCA mutations and what they actually mean for cancer risk.
In the Clinic
A tube of blood superimposed on a lung and a DNA helix
Liquid Biopsy Is Effective at Guiding Treatment of Lung Cancer, Study Finds
The initial results of an ongoing study show that a liquid biopsy has advantages over a tissue biopsy for people with lung cancer.
Kenneth Offit and Vijai Joseph
Making an IMPACT: MSK’s Gene-Sequencing Test Reveals New Findings about Hereditary Cancer Risk
An analysis of germline DNA in people with advanced cancer finds that inherited mutations may be more common than expected in this group.
In the News
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#ASCO17: Post-Conference Roundup of Themes and Trends
Read up on the progress being made in several key areas of cancer research, including immunotherapy, targeted therapy, precision surgery, and epigenetics.
Barry Taylor
With MSK Leading the Way, Precision Medicine Links Lab Research to Patient Care
Therapies that target genetic alterations in tumors are showing promise for many cancer patients, but challenges in developing these new treatments remain.
Christina Leslie and John Petrini
Expanding the Impact of Precision Medicine to Fuel Discoveries
MSK’s Functional Genomics Initiative will enable basic scientists to take full advantage of the massive amount of data produced by tumor sequencing.
Pictured: Craig Thompson & Paul Marks
Memorial Sloan Kettering President Emeritus Paul Marks Publishes Memoir about His Life in Cancer Research
Former leader of Memorial Sloan Kettering Paul Marks gives a compelling view of cancer research and treatment over the past 40 years in <em>On the Cancer Frontier: One Man, One Disease, and a Medical Revolution</em>.