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DNA winding around histones
Research Clarifies How IDH Mutations Cause Cancer
The MSK team’s goal was to get at the underlying defects in cells that these mutations cause.
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MSK cancer researchers Elizabeth Adams, Charles Sawyers, and Rohit Bose
Researchers Unravel the Biology of a Distinct Prostate Cancer Subtype
Mutations in a gene called FOXA1 are responsible for a distinct class of prostate cancer tumors, MSK researchers have found.
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A cartoon depicting a cleaning crew
Cellular “Garbage Collectors” Are Key to Cancer’s Growth
A new study suggests a way to target cancer by interfering with its system of waste removal.
Omar Abdel-Wahab
What Is Epigenetics, and Why Is Everyone Talking about It?
The word “epigenetic” literally means “above the genes.” Calico cats demonstrate a type of epigenetic inheritance called X-inactivation.
Acute myeloid leukemia cells under a microscope
FDA Approves Enasidenib (Idhifa), a First-of-Its-Kind Drug, for Advanced Blood Cancer
A new treatment option for people with acute myeloid leukemia is available, and it works in an unconventional way.
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A scientist looks at illustrations of chromosomes.
When Loss Is a Gain: New Tumor Suppressor Gene Identified in Follicular Lymphoma
The reason certain patients with follicular lymphoma do worse than others may come down to a missing gene.
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Scientists at the Sloan Kettering Institute are learning why some immune cells are stubbornly hard to revive with immunotherapy.
Why Immune Cells Sometimes Fail to Fight Cancer (and What to Do about It)
By looking at how DNA is packaged in cells, scientists are teasing apart a long-standing conundrum about the immune response to cancer.
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Portrait of a live zebrafish with dark patterning around and above the eyes
Uncharted Waters: The Making of a New Cancer Drug
A team of scientists is combining sophisticated chemistry and experiments in zebrafish to develop a new cancer drug that shows early potential against melanoma and metastatic breast cancer.
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Pictured: Viviane Tabar
Investigators Use Stem Cells to Study Rare Pediatric Brain Tumors
Investigators have created the first-ever genetically engineered model of cancer made from human embryonic stem cells in culture.
DNA wrapped around histones
What Is Epigenetics?
Physician-scientist Omar Abdel-Wahab explains epigenetics, a growing field based on the study of genetic changes that are not part of the DNA code, and how it relates to cancer.