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Alex Kentsis in his lab
Research Uncovers the Genetic Causes of Aggressive Leukemia in Children
Researchers have found that the genetic changes that cause pediatric leukemia are different from those that lead to leukemia in adults.
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MRI of brain and spinal fluid in green
Analyzing Spinal Fluid Could Guide Brain Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment
Cancer DNA taken from spinal fluid could serve as a liquid biopsy that provides information on brain tumor mutations.
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Image of dividing breast cancer cells taken with electron microscope.
Researchers Identify Why Women May Develop Resistance to a New Class of Breast Cancer Drugs
Clues emerge about why promising new breast cancer drugs sometimes don’t work — and what might be done about it.
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A tube of blood superimposed on a lung and a DNA helix
Liquid Biopsy Is Effective at Guiding Treatment of Lung Cancer, Study Finds
The initial results of an ongoing study show that a liquid biopsy has advantages over a tissue biopsy for people with lung cancer.
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American Society of Clinical Oncology logo
#ASCO17: Post-Conference Roundup of Themes and Trends
Read up on the progress being made in several key areas of cancer research, including immunotherapy, targeted therapy, precision surgery, and epigenetics.
Christina Leslie and John Petrini
Expanding the Impact of Precision Medicine to Fuel Discoveries
MSK’s Functional Genomics Initiative will enable basic scientists to take full advantage of the massive amount of data produced by tumor sequencing.
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Pictured: Ping Chi
Molecular Studies Provide New Clues about Rare Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Genetic analysis reveals biomarkers and possible drug targets for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors.
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Pictured: Sarat Chandarlapaty
Researchers Identify Mutations that Cause Some Breast Cancers to Resist Treatment
Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers have found genetic mutations that cause some breast cancers to develop resistance to hormone therapy.
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Pictured: Daniel Thorek & Jan Grimm
Faster than the Speed of Light: New Imaging Approach Could Measure Tumor Activity
A new imaging approach being investigated by Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers could provide better information about a tumor’s molecular activity, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis.