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Memorial Sloan Kettering surgeon Prasad Adusumilli
CAR T Cell Therapy Shows Promise for Treating Mesothelioma
A combination immunotherapy approach using CAR T cells could be an effective new way to treat mesothelioma.
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ASH 2019 Roundup: The Latest on CAR T, New Treatments for CLL, and Using Genes to Predict a Common Side Effect
Read highlights of research presented by MSK scientists at the annual ASH meeting.
Pedram Razavi, Jorge Reis-Filho, and Bob Li
Many Mutations Detected in Liquid Biopsy Tests Do Not Come from Cancer Cells, an MSK Study Finds
The new findings suggest the need for caution when interpreting the results from these tests.
Computational biologist Barry Taylor
Whether a BRCA Mutation Leads to Cancer Depends on Context, Study Finds
Sometimes a BRCA mutation is just along for the ride, rather than driving a tumor’s development.
Drawing of one human figure set apart from a group of others.
One Patient’s Exceptional Response Leads to a Surprising Discovery about Immunotherapy
MSK researchers learn that some cancers may respond to checkpoint inhibitor drugs because of changes called gene fusions.
Model of TGF-beta molecule
An Old Protein Gets a New Look: Researchers Target TGF-ß to Make Immunotherapy More Effective
Drugs that block the action of TGF-ß may make checkpoint inhibitors more effective.
Alex Kentsis in his lab
Research Uncovers the Genetic Causes of Aggressive Leukemia in Children
Researchers have found that the genetic changes that cause pediatric leukemia are different from those that lead to leukemia in adults.
Top 10 Stories of 2018, Cancer Research Edition
Take a look back at some of the year’s biggest news in cancer research.
ASH meeting signage
Advances in Myeloma, Lymphoma, and Bone Marrow Transplant Announced at the 2018 ASH Meeting
Learn more about the work of MSK researchers being presented at the 2018 meeting of the American Society of Hematology.
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A tube of blood superimposed on a lung and a DNA helix
Liquid Biopsy Is Effective at Guiding Treatment of Lung Cancer, Study Finds
The initial results of an ongoing study show that a liquid biopsy has advantages over a tissue biopsy for people with lung cancer.