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In the Lab
Epithelial cells
Mind the Gap: Scientists Learn How Cells Make and Repair Tight Connections
New findings from researchers at the Sloan Kettering Institute provide insight into a fundamental biological process called the epithelial-mesenchymal transition.
In the Lab
Microscopic image of cancer cells and C. elegans cells undergoing entosis.
A Death Wish That Allows Worms to Thrive — and What It Tells Us About Cancer Biology
Researchers discover that a curious type of cell death plays a role in normal development.
In the Lab
Wounding a zebrafish tail fin triggers a wave of calcium that signals damage and recruits neutrophils
Neutrophil Recruitment — What's Damage Got to Do with It?
Immune cells called neutrophils are the first responders to sites of infection. A new study probes what gets them there.
A barred Plymouth Rock hen
How a Chicken Helped Solve the Mystery of Cancer
When this feathered patient found her way into a New York laboratory in 1909, she changed the course of cancer science.
Science Byte
Prostate cancer cells, colored red in scanning electron micrograph (SEM).
PSMA: A New Target for Prostate Cancer Treatment
Researchers have discovered how a high level of the protein PSMA in cells helps fuel prostate cancer.
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A cell in the process of dividing
New Study Shows How Wayward Chromosomes Get Back on Track
MSK researchers are learning how cells are able to recognize and correct errors that occur during cell division.
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Pictured: Casper zebrafish
Studying Cancer Mysteries Just Beneath the Scales
Hail to the zebrafish. MSK scientists are using a small fish to answer some big questions about cancer.
Picturing the Body’s Immune Response
Cell biologist Philipp Niethammer discusses what the zebrafish can teach us about how the body heals.
In the Lab
Organoid cell structures fluorescing in blue, green, and purple.
Manipulating a Single Gene Turns Colorectal Cancer Cells Back to Normal
For the first time, scientists have shown that the gene APC, which is mutated in the vast majority of colorectal cancers, might be a promising target for future therapies.
In the Lab
MSK investigators Joan Massagué and Anna Obenauf
Outsmarting Cancer’s Survival Skills
A new study led by MSK investigators reveals how some cancer cells become resistant to targeted treatment and suggests what might be done to stop that from happening.