Read what students say about their experiences in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program.

 Yuri Ahuja

Other than the research itself, the aspects of the program I liked best were the journal clubs and the lecture series. I really liked the journal clubs because they taught me how to read a scientific paper carefully and analytically, a skill that will definitely be useful in the future. I liked the lecture series because I felt it exposed me to some of the most cutting-edge work going on in cancer research today.

Yuri was mentored by faculty member Scott Lowe

Paige Arnold

I really appreciated that there was more to this program than simply being placed in a lab. While gaining research skills is obviously a priority in applying to a program like SURP, I think that there is a lot to be said for the other enrichment activities that were included. The panels, workshops, and journal club meetings were useful in that they taught us other skills that are necessary for a researcher, and they also gave a sense of community to the SURP program.

Paige was mentored by faculty member Maria Jasin

Antinuke Dosunmu-Ogunbi

The experience was fantastic! The aspect of the program that I liked best was being able to spend a lot of time in the lab. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to work in a different model system and expand my set of wet lab skills.

Antinuke was mentored by faculty member Cole Haynes

Christopher Gerry

I thought it was unbelievably helpful and important that my lab treated me like a full-time graduate student. That allowed me to experience my potential life as a graduate student, which prepared me mentally, improved my physical skills as a chemist, and sharpened the idea of what I am looking for in a graduate program.

Christopher was mentored by faculty member Derek Tan

Kayla Hudson

My favorite part of the program was having the opportunity to immerse myself in the lab environment. Devoting more than eight hours a day, five days a week to lab work is very different from working in a lab during the school year and having to balance lab work with school work. I felt that I could really delve into my project and experience the life of an academic, which was invaluable in helping me make a more-educated decision on what field to pursue in my graduate education and beyond.

Kayla was mentored by faculty member Christina Leslie

Alba Luengo

My experience with the Gerstner Sloan Kettering SURP program was overwhelmingly positive. Above all, I appreciated that the program did not focus only on scientific research; instead, SURP went further, giving participants a true sense of what life as a graduate student is like. Like PhD students, we had to learn to manage time, adjusting our experiments in the lab so that we could attend seminars and participate in journal clubs. In addition, the works-in-progress sessions gave us the opportunity to present our research in front of our peers, much like the rotation symposiums Gerstner Sloan Kettering students participate in. Finally, the student panel and the organized social interactions with graduate students allowed current PhD candidates to offer their perspectives and answer any questions or concerns we had. SURP exposed me to what the graduate school experience is really like, making me feel more prepared for the future.

Alba was mentored by faculty member Neal Rosen

Chen Wei

I think the best aspect of the program, besides working in a world-class lab, was the students. The people in SURP were on another level compared to my fellow students in college and it was incredible interacting with them over the course of the summer.

Chen was mentored by faculty member Ross Levine