Read what students say about their experiences in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program.

Mary Clare Beytagh

Mary Clare Beytagh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The weekly seminar series exposed us to the breadth of research being conducted at MSK, allowing us to connect with faculty in a variety of fields. Beyond research, the SURP program created a community of like-minded students, and I am very grateful to have met such wonderful people who will likely become my future colleagues.

Mary was mentored by faculty member David Allis.

Justin Cheung

Justin Cheung, SUNY Stony Brook

I was able to make strong connections and friendships with other members of the program as well as my lab members and my PI. The location of the program in NYC always made my leisure time very culturally vibrant and exciting. Academically, I feel that I have learned a tremendous amount over the past ten weeks. Not only in the field of cancer biology or nanotechnology, but also in how to shape a career as a scientist and think like one.

Justin was mentored by faculty member Dan Heller.

Spencer Darveau

Spencer Darveau, Brown University

Working at Sloan Kettering gave me a true taste of what goes on at world-class institutions, and it left me wanting to be a part of the new generation of doctor scientists performing cutting-edge research.

Spencer was mentored by faculty member Songhai Shi.

Kaley Desher

Kaley Desher, University of Georgia

I was challenged to design experiments independently, which helped me to grow as a scientist. I also had the opportunity to learn from leaders in their field through the lunch lectures.

Kaley was mentored by faculty member Alex Kentsis.

Kathryn Eckartt

Kathryn Eckartt, SUNY Stony Brook

The program was really an incredible experience. The seminars and workshops were really helpful and working full-time in lab was a great way to learn about a new field and really immerse myself in the environment.

Kathryn was mentored by faculty member Kathryn Anderson.

Katherine Hu

Katherine Hu, Johns Hopkins University

I really loved my experience at GSK. The people I met and the research I was able to contribute to has been so amazing. I’ve gotten to meet some of the brightest, friendliest people in both this program and in my lab, and I know they’re all going to do amazing things in the future. My lab has been unbelievably welcoming and open to answering all my questions, and their passion for science has driven me to pursue research in the future as well. I really appreciated how GSK tried to expose us to the different aspects of research, and how the staff were so accommodating and approachable.

Katherine was mentored by faculty member Charles Rudin.

Matthew McGoldrick

Matthew McGoldrick, University of Notre Dame

My experience at Gerstner-Sloan Kettering has been exceptional. I enjoyed both the academic experience with lab work and lectures and the non-academic social events, advising, and interactions with the program administration.

Matthew was mentored by faculty member Frederic Geissman.

Brooke Vittimberga

Brooke Vittimberga, Stanford University, UC Berkeley

I had a great time at GSK. I am amazed at the quality of research, the engagement of the graduate students, and the program as a whole. This was my dream program and I would absolutely choose it again.

Brooke was mentored by faculty member Daniel Bachovchin.